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Our scarves are a travel journal – a diary of the sights, sounds and symbols that we have experienced on our travels around India. Symbols are sacred codes – conscious reminders that help us navigate both our inner journey and the world around us. The sacred symbols that we have used to illustrate our scarves inspire grace, empowerment, strength, transformation and protection.
Our iconic ‘Tiger Scarf’ fuses beautiful images of the tiger and the lotus which are at the heart of Indian and Hindu mythology – symbolizing masculine and feminine, strength and grace, power and inner wisdom. Inspired by myth and magic, we took the tiger from the story of Goddess Durga who rides a tiger symbolizing her empowered and embodied Self; while the lotus holds Goddess Lakshmi representing abundance and presence.

Tiger Silk Scraf

The intricate illustrations that lace behind the tiger and lotus imagery are inspired by  our visit to the Taj Mahal, itself a symbol of eternal love.


The ‘Serpent Scarf’ is evocative of our inner journey – a reminder of our ability to change – the serpent represents rebirth, shape-shifting and transformation. As well as our double snake image we incorporated the ancient Tantrik Chakra symbols within the print of the scarf – chakras are a guide to our inner landscape – our map of Self. The border of the scarf is inspired by tribal beadwork necklaces from Nagaland in the Northeast of India.

Silk Scarf
So often our scarves symbolize both an inner journey and a moment in time. Memories are captured in our ‘Peacock Scarf’ which could be subtitled ‘once upon a time in the desert’ as we saw many peacocks fly home to roost as the dusky blue sky melted into the rolling Aravalli Hills.

Peacock Silk ScarfThe Peacock is also about coming home to ourselves – trusting ourselves, our creativity, our self expression and finding integrity, purpose…  Peacocks are a symbol of the rain God Hindra whose waters bring life to Earth and wash away any limiting beliefs that we hold. On this scarf you’ll find the protective talisman of the Hamsa hand, a coiled rope symbolising eternity and a background design inspired by the architecture of the Amber Fort high in the hills above Jaipur.

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarve
And back to the beginning, the start of the cycle, the moment of transformation… our first scarf transports us back to the ghats by the sacred river goddess of the Ganges. Drifts of holy smoke, prayer garlands and marigolds weave together the holy cows and Saddhus that live at the edge of time. Varanasi is older than time – a city close to the Gods – the mother Ganges weaves through the heart of the city like a flowing pulse, a rhythm…. For us, the Varanasi scarf is about finding our rhythm again, our deeper connection to each other and ourselves.

Each scarf is a travelogue of design and memory shared with you to capture your imagination for long lost travels and exploring your inner landscape. Our scarves are also a love letter to the places and people of India… and a love letter to ourselves.