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The shortest month of the year has come and gone! We had so much fun in February, celebrating St.Valentine, the patron saint of love, and now we enter into the vibrant month of March, which truly lives up to its adage of “in like a lion and out like a lamb”. As we enter into this “month of action” we want to remember to take time and set our intentions for our personal journeys ahead, and remain awed and excited about this magnificent collective journey we are all on!  

As the world continues to slowly open up, we are all excited with the prospect of seeing one another once again, bumping into one another in the street, engaging with each other in collective spaces, and rebooting our wild, simultaneous journeys and self-exploration. But with the onset of this new season on the Zodiac calendar, we want to be sure to balance our visionary Pisces vibes with the bold strides of our intrepid Aries energy. After a wild year and months of social-distancing, we’ll excitedly explore our own individual experiences while also celebrating the wonderful adventures of our fellow humans. 

With this fiery renewed feeling, undoubtedly brought on by the rapid approach of Aries’ fire season later this month, we’re feeling a restored vigor and a sense of awe surrounding other people, realizing just how EXCITED we are to see everyone again!  

We all have been eagerly feeling the approach of an opening world, and in an act of solidarity we are opening our hearts to the excitement and collective spirit of continued exploration. On that exciting note, we’ve realized that we love you, we miss you and that WE WANT TO SEE YOU!


We’ve been trying to devise the best way to see all of you magnificent beauties living your incredible lives, so we’ve created an exciting and fun new challenge! We’re raising our glass to all of our gorgeous goddesses, living your amazing adventures while wearing your fave FARA pieces. In that spirit, we’ve decided to start a #FARABOUTIQUE campaign that pays homage to all of the wonderful people that have supported us through these wild times. 

In order to celebrate how amazing you look in your FARA pieces, we’re giving away a £100 GIFT VOUCHER every month to one lucky customer! To enter, simply post a photo of you wearing your fave FARA piece(s) and tag us! At the end of each month we will share the photos and choose a winner! We absolutely cannot wait to see where you wear your FARA and how you style it! 


It’s been far too long since we’ve seen you and we are ready to celebrate your goddess vibes. Whether donning your MYSORE JUMPSUIT in a dramatically-lit cave, joyfully basking in the sun in your luxe LANA DRESS as the warm waves kiss your feet, or simply lounging in the cosy TAO KIMONO on a comfy couch and indulging in a much-deserved self-care day. However you wear your fave pieces, we absolutely CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU! Tag us in your faves, and you could win the chance to broaden your collection;)


In some other exciting news for all of you wild and free goddesses, our WILD CHILD COLLECTION is now on sale! Featuring stunning and luxurious silk pieces like the YIN MAXI DRESS and the EVERYDAY TEE, these beauties add a splash of vivacious colour to your wardrobe and are sure to turn heads wherever your go. We have limited stock of these gorgeous pieces left, so hurry to our website to grab yours while you still can! Remember, you're always worthy of good things;)


If you need some inspo for styling your fave FARA piece, check out our #LBGD (Little Black Goddess Dress) blog. For simple ways to exude effortless chic. This style guide is where comfort meets elegance.


We look forward to seeing all of you goddesses, living your vibrant lives and indulging in your magnificent journeys. We are so grateful to be along for the ride, sharing your adventures with you with elegance and grace. We look forward to the many adventures we have yet to share. Take our hands as we light the sparks that will inspire our future dreams!