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black lives matter
While in the process of writing this blog post, protesting has erupted worldwide over the murder of George Floyd.
The right words are often hard to find in the most upsetting times, and this is no different. What is transpiring all over the USA and the world is unprecedented, necessary, and heart-breaking. Inequality has gone unchecked for too long in this world, and we vow to do what we can to support the fight for justice and equality in any way we can.
We’ve been carefully listening, researching, and informing ourselves. What is clear is that we are privileged, and must use our privilege to highlight injustice and racism against those all over the world who are underprivileged and deal with institutionalised racism on a daily basis.
Our team members in the USA are protesting in person and making phone calls for new legislation, while those of us in India are learning how best support the protests and #BLM from abroad.
We want to invite anyone to e-mail us with information, suggestions, or simply just for a dialogue to discuss what you would like to see from us.
We understand that we will never understand, but still - we stand with you.
The murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbury are the catalysts for this movement - but the injustice, racism, and inequality has been omnipresent worldwide for far too long. Now it must end. No justice, no peace.
Wow! It is already June, and it feels like the past few months have absolutely flown by. We’ve been simultaneously incredibly busy and taking it very slow since the pandemic broke out.
As many of you know, we were very close to launching our new SS20 ‘INTO THE WILD’ collection right as Covid-19 escalated into a worldwide pandemic. This meant we had to adjust plans and act quick on our feet as the news changed and worsened drastically each day.
Here are a few of the ones you most loved
the ones you loved
As India went into complete lockdown our production and preparation came to a screeching halt. At first, this was a bit terrifying as we are a small business that relies heavily on small and reliable stock drops. However we were completely overwhelmed and heart-warmed to find our inboxes full of messages from supportive and loving customers sending messages of support.
With a ton of teamwork, mutual support, and thoughtful planning we were able to release our new collection at the end of May. We are so proud of this collection, and have been so touched by the warm response it has received.
Because of the excited response, many items have quickly sold out and been placed on preorder. To clear up any questions surrounding our preorder offering, we have created a page where we cover all of this information that can be found here.
Since all of our production is done by our tailors in India, the lockdown set us back about a month. Luckily, as the lockdown lightens, our tailors have been allowed to continue producing, however as certain infrastructure in India is still closed, such as fabric markets, everything is happening at a slightly slower pace than were used to - just another remind to slow down I suppose!
We want to sincerely thank all of our preorder customers for their excitement and patience! We have been working hard to ensure you are kept up to date and that orders are fulfilled within their timeframe of 4-8 weeks.
In the midst of the chaos, one of our much-awaited all time favourites came back into stock - the DREAMER JUMPSUIT!
dreamer jumpsuit
All Dreamer Jumpsuit preorders have shipped and the remaining stock is selling fast - so if this is something you have been waiting for - I suggest ordering soon!
BLACK LIVES MATTER POSTER by Rosanna Morris - Download your free one to put in your window, gift to a friend, encourage a family member here for free 
Head over to WWW.BLACKLIVESMATTER.COM to get educated