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The first month of 2021 is already behind us and we’re so thrilled to be moving on into February! Although it’s the shortest month on the calendar, it certainly holds a lot of excitement. We’re getting ready for the most romantic of all the holidays, set exactly in the middle of the month, Valentine’s Day! This amorous celebration of love and connection is fast approaching, and we thought we’d take a moment to help sweeten your night with an enticing gift for you from the FARA Boutique team, as well as take a look at the holiday’s ancient roots. Together we can explore the ways we can make this Valentine’s Day the most romantic on record;) So take our hand as we plunge into a little bit of history magic, then turn it into some modern-day enchantment!

Firstly, who was this mystical patron saint of love, roses and chocolate? The mythical Valentine was a priest who served during the 3rd century in Rome, during the reign of Claudius II. According to legend, the Caesar believed that men made better soldiers when they remained single, and thus forbade young men to marry. Valentine, disagreeing with the imperial decree and defying the injustice of the Emperor, continued to marry young lovers in secret, thus demonstrating that love prevails!

Valentine’s Day, a day reserved for celebrating this champion of romance, was later absorbed into Lupericalia, the Roman holiday of fertility. Popularized in the 18th century, Valentine’s Day now symbolizes a time to celebrate love by sharing tokens of affection, and also beckons the approach of the mating season in springtime. In a way, St. Valentine lives on and continues to annually reveal to us that love always prevails!

In honour of this amorous season and to help celebrate the magnificent beloveds in our lives, we’ve whipped up something special for you this Valentine’s Day! Now until February 14th, you can enjoy *14% off on our website! Just use code LOVEYOURSELF to enjoy this deal that’s sweeter than chocolate;) Choose from gorgeous gift ideas and luxurious date night dresses that will help make this year’s V-day one for the record books!

FARA Collection

To help you explore the magic, we’ve assembled a little Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that is sure to leave that special someone with hearts in their eyes. Here’s a few of our faves:

TAO KIMONO in Tigers Eye Tie Dye looks incredible whether cinched or uncinched! With alluring hand-dyed silk that exudes a radiant candlelight glow, this piece looks as fantastic on your body as it does on the floor;) TAO KIMONO

PEACOCK SILK SCARF is absolutely enchanting. This luxe piece depicts the symbolic bird of beauty and balance, radiating elegance and otherworldly romance. Wrap this sumptuous piece around you and be ready to stun. PEACOCK SILK SCARF

OUROBOROS RING is a captivating gold vermeil piece that’s sure to impress. Inspired by the ancient symbol for eternity and resurrection, this beautiful ring will demonstrate your undying passion and devotion to that special someone.

 OUROBOROS RINGNow if you’re wondering what to wear for this romantic holiday, don’t worry! We have some chic pieces ready for you too:


This gorgeous piece is the epitome of romance. Our stunning Henna colourway emits a warm and inviting glow, while bias-cut silk hugs all the right spots! With a plunging V-Back that’s alluring and chic, this piece is bound to turn heads. FLORA MAXI DRESS


One of our captivating signatures, this beautiful piece is all about easy chic. With a high-low hemline that shows off your gorgeous stems, and a train of enticing silk, just toss on this piece with some heels to keep it simple and sexy!ZEN DRESS


Elegance to-the-max, this beauty is a pure goddess energy! With thigh-high slits that are hard to take your eyes off of, this piece creates a regal silhouette that’s unstoppably sophisticated! Pair with our MODERN PRIMITIVE PENDANT and let this luxe look do all the talking.KATE MAXI DRESS

For more ideas for what to wear this Valentine’s Day, check out our LITTLE BLACK GODDESS DRESS BLOG! With our plethora of gorgeous gowns and captivating pieces, there are so many ways to look and feel like the goddess you are!

And don’t forget, we want to see you wearing your FARA faves! Now you have the opportunity to win £100 on our website each month. Just post a vid or pic to your stories of you wearing your fave FARA pieces and tag us. At the end of each month we'll choose a winner who will receive a £100 credit towards their next purchase! Need we say more?

FARA Boutique

We hope you all have a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re enjoying it with that special someone, or treating yourself like a queen with enrapturing self-love, we are right there with you. We’ll be celebrating, like St. Valentine, the gorgeous masterpiece that is enduring and prevailing love!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!


*Discount code excludes sale items and accessories. Offer ends February 14th.