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The journey of this collaboration started many years ago when we met Rachel Entwistle in Goa – over chats and chai - both in person and on FaceTime - the seed of our collaboration took root. There is a synchronicity in our creative process and the Dreamer collection was inspired by line drawings and Japanese calligraphy, pencil on paper and the potential of digital printing and tailoring combined with jewellery design.

rachel entwistle collaboration

Working with Rachel means endless inspiration – we encourage each other to push boundaries. In fact, there’s no limit to what we can create individually and together. As Rachel is an artist, she helps us see our creativity in a different light and through different eyes. 

When we meet, we overflow with new ideas, bouncing them off of each other and building these ideas into reality.

jewellery store east london We are so inspired by Rachel, as she is very serious about growing her business in a sustainable way and truly from her heart. We inspire each other to think outside of the box about what a sustainable business in 2020 can look like.

We might have named our collection ‘Dreamer’ but it is about manifesting those dreams – tuning into what is possible – no limits, no boundaries…

 Collaborating changes the perspective – widening the lens on who our future audience might be. After we launched the collection, we looked at the responses from our different audiences – who both saw the collection with different eyes.  Customers of FARA tend to be more bohemian – we create nomad vibes for the free spirit, while Rachel Entwistle with her flagship store in East London has a different vibe and aesthetic. But this collection made us aware of the innate crossover between our two vibes, and how they could be one in the same with each of our input.

 For our Dreamer shoot, we took our girl Alisa Belochkina to Mapusa – which is a very typical Indian town – colourful, vibrant and slightly chaotic. We wanted to juxtapose the quite tailored collection we created with the busy-ness of India where the cities are constantly moving. Even though these pant suits are vibrant on the streets of London, here in Mapusa the colour blends in while the tailored lines and clean aesthetic stand out.jumpsuit hemp print 

Rachel chose to work with people that inspire her in her day-to-day life for her Dreamer shoot. She gathered close friends who are creatives, influencers or run local businesses and gave them the Dreamer collection– Rachel splits her time between London and Ibiza, so she chose to shoot at the villa run by one of her model/friends.

ibiza tribe girls matching outfits

Our collaboration is quite distinct from what we usually create – then we chose very different shoots to capture our individual brand’s aesthetic – and to inspire the wearer. How would you wear this collection? How would you make it your own?

hemp fabric sustainable fashion

Of course, Dreamer is our first collaboration, but certainly not our last. The door is left wide open and we are both so excited to see what comes next!

 You can check the DREAMER collection here in full and read more about the behind the scenes of our first shoot with Rachel HERE