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It seems like yesterday we were welcoming in the new year, and just like that, January has flown right past us! As we approach the end of the month and the first full moon of 2021, It is important that we take time to reflect upon our experiences. Last year certainly had it’s collective challenges, and as we move into February under the light of the full moon, we receive the chance to think and see clearly under its illumination. 
The first full moon of 2021 is on thursday, January 28th. This moon is also known as “The Wolf Moon”, for at night in the deep mid-winter forest, wolves were often heard howling while on a midnight hunt. It is during this moon phase that we embrace our wolf-like strength, grace and determination and thus actualize our full, beautiful and resilient selves. 
The perfect piece to help you embrace your moon power is the MYSORE JUMPSUIT. Elegantly soft and effortlessly beautiful, this piece helps you embrace your chic feminine side, while it’s comfortable fit and versatility (love the adjustable spaghetti straps and roomy pockets!) allow you to move freely, fearlessly facing whatever illuminated path lays before you.
This month, the Sun is in Aquarius while the Moon is opposing it in Leo. During this time, we’ll be experiencing a time of self-actualisation and fulfillment, realising promises which started around the time of the new moon. This will be a time for romance, fertility of mind, body and creative spirit, as well as experiencing a wide variety of emotions within our interpersonal relationships. 
During this moon phase we will want to cultivate our romantic relationships and nurture that passionate facet of our personality. The perfect piece for this amorous quality withinin us is the MALA DRESS. With flutter sleeves that delicately kiss the shoulders and lead to an alluring spaghetti strap V-Back that descends to a luxurious full skirt of silk, this gown is absolutely irresistible. 
Another perfectly intimate piece for this dreamy time is our TAO KIMONO. With sumptuous silk that lovingly wraps around the body, this gorgeous piece is enticing whether it’s cinched or uncinched;)
With the moon ushering in this burgeoning time for romance, we’ll also experience the duality of personal fulfillment and self-care versus a desire for neutrality. The juxtaposition of Leo and Aquarius refers to the balance between personal self-expression and individual freedom (Leo) while Aquarius rules our yearning for objectivity and teamwork. During this full moon, we must find balance between heightened selfdom and internal-focus with a powerful striving for a neutral mentality combined with external cooperation. 
The illumination of The Wolf Moon will allow you to “hunt” for a clear view of your thoughts, feelings and desires, and will represent the radiance of your glowing, fulfilled self. One great ally during this time of courageous self-discovery is the RAYS OF LIGHT RING. The eye at the center of this luminous piece is a symbol of powerful protection that resounds through many countries and cultures. This ring symbolizes the inner eye, a guide to help us navigate through this time of introspection with strength and self-love.
Another ally in this time of self-reflection is the ALCHEMIST ROTARY PENDANT. Handmade in London by the incredible Rachel Entwistle, this mystical piece depicts the planetary movements through circular rotation, as well as the seven planetary symbols, Zodiac signs, and full moon phases. A guide on your journey through self-actualisation and personal transformation, this magical vermeil necklace helps you embrace your power, bolstering your ability to bring wholeness and balance through your own self-will. 
 As we move through this full moon illumination period and venture towards February, we will experience some hawkishness and mild conflict radiating from Mars as we attempt to find balance. But as Jupiter aligns with the Sun, it will bring us strength, support and courage in our endeavors. Take heart in the strength of Jupiter’s presence as you find your footing while ruminating with your feelings. 
This is a time for self-expression, fulfillment and reflection in your fully illuminated self. We hope as you move forth into the full moon, and on into February, that you bask in the beauty of the abounding radiance of your goddess spirit. Move with grace and courage on the well-lit path towards your whole, magnificent self. We will be right there beside you, under the beautiful light of The Wolf Moon!
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Sending love to all of our Goddesses out there in the world!