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WHAT NOT TO EXPECT OF YOURSELF IN THE NEW YEAR: A New Year's Resolution You Can Be Excited For!

Say NO! To New Year's Resolutions the Empowered Way!

Every New Year seems to be neatly packaged with a New Year’s Resolution, the promise that this year we will be “better”, “smarter” and “healthier” than the previous year. This tradition has been seemingly around for ages, right? What you may not know is that it has! The notion of the New Years Resolution has been around for millennia, but instead of setting the usual, stringent goals for yourself that abruptly deny the many delightful things that bring joy to your life, here’s a loving way to set goals that embrace your beautiful, adventurous and rebellious self!


No New Year's Resolution - An Empowered Choice

Let’s face it, each year many of us start our New Year’s resolutions in full swing, but tend to lose steam about mid-February.  Most people tend to set goals that deny them the deliciously wonderful indulgences that provide them with a sense of joy. Don’t set the bar so high! This isn’t a sprint, this is a marathon, and why live your life constantly saying “NO” to yourself? Your life should be filled with “YES”, embracing the beauty around you and taking part in the things that speak to you, that bring you excitement.  

A Life of YES!

This doesn’t mean that you need to indulge all of the time, but just remember that so many things are blissful, and even empowering when we enjoy them in moderation (including moderation;) Set goals that will nourish your long-term happiness, rather than accomplishing what you think is expected of you. Ruminate on what you truly think is serving you and your happiness and continue to embrace those things, and instead of removing what sparks joy, make smaller, more moderate adjustments. This will still allow room for those joy-bringers, they’ll just be interwoven into the tapestry of your everyday life, rather than a focal point, taking the pressure off of you. 

Incremental Gains

In an ideal world, we’d spend time on self-improvement every day. But life is busy and we need to be sure we’re leaving room for self-kindness as well. Instead of setting lofty goals that become intimidating (and time-consuming), start small. Make modest adjustments and acknowledge/celebrate the work that you’re doing. Be gradual, because you don’t want to shock yourself, you want to gently turn yourself on a course that helps you feel like your best self. These don’t have to be immediate changes. You can slowly make adjustments, little by little, until these minor changes become second nature. And remember IT’S OK to indulge or splurge in the things you love here and there. This isn’t about eliminating treats that bring joy, just about moderating them to ensure maximized enjoyment!


Positive New Year's Resolutions

A positive way to set goals, that help you make moderate adjustments and still enjoy the joie de vivre: Write your goals down! Rather than having these goals distractingly bounce around in your mind, make a short list of gentle adjustments you would like to incorporate into your life. Write these goals alongside a list of the things you look forward to and which bring you delight. For example, incorporating some joyful movement into your everyday routine, indulging in a glass of wine here and there. Saving towards that dreamy vacation you’ve been thinking of, as well as saving towards that new, luxurious FARA dress (that will look SO GOOD on that trip;) 

Be Kind To Yourself

Whatever the goals you create for yourself, be sure to make this short list positive and kind, acknowledging your beautiful self with these adjustments (don’t nit-pick!). If you place these goals somewhere and realize that you can slowly weave these adaptations into the fabric of your life without making abrupt changes and denying yourself joy, you’ll find that these changes aren’t giant mountains that you need to climb, but instead rolling, verdant hills that you get to wander through as you seek your next adventure!  

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