We are so eternally joyful and grateful to be surrounded by a thriving community of inspiring women from all walks of life, and our beloved Maxinne (@maxinnebjork on instagram) is the embodiment of that inspiration and empowerment that we experience everyday. This magical being, who has inspired us through so many of our FARA adventures, sat down with us and shared some aspects of her incredible life, exploring her love of travel, the communities that inspire her, and her lifelong devotion to supporting and uplifting other women on their journeys.

FALL '21

FARA: You are such a powerful woman, What drives you to keep creating a world for yourself without a mainstream narrative? 

MAXINNE: Thank you love, so are you 😉 I believe it’s cause I have always felt a bit like a weirdo from where I grew up. My inside world didn’t match with what surrounded me. I was traveling a lot from a young age firstly with my family and then once I was 18 my mum encouraged me to go out and travel alone and explore the world more in depth before deciding what to study. Since then I have met so many magical beings living outside of the norm who have inspired me in different ways, explored living in different alternative and spiritual communities has also given me a great deal of comfort that life doesn’t have to look in a specific way. Understanding the importance of our personal freedom to create our own dream life and surrounding. And with the years I have learned better how to manage my input and output channels, which peoples opinions I care about and all the ones which I don’t have any energy to embrace. Cause it’s a lot about stopping to care what others think about us and our lifestyle, and just trusting in our own flow.

FALL '21
FARA : Seeing your relationship with other women really shows us the importance of holding space for your female circle, supporting each other, what drives this in you?

MAXINNE : I love women. I have always felt very safe with women. In my past I have had traumatic experiences with the masculine side so women have always been my safe place. It’s something which is so important for us women to nourish, our feminine in harmony with other feminine energies. When we come together as sisters instead of rivals, we can really help each other blossom and grow. In general, the more I have embraced my femininity these past years in life the more fuller I live. Understanding my true power and how I can use it in the best of ways. And this is what I feel so passionated about - to help and support other women to become more free and more loving with themselves. Be some extra fuel for others to awaken their inner passion.

FALL '21

FARA : Going back to you and your power, what do you feel is your relationship between finding your peace and finding your power?

MAXINNE : I think they go very much hand in hand. I have been doing life in such a fast speed my whole life, not understanding that I haven’t actually been fully IN my body while living it. So my past years have really been about coming back to the core of me. Learning more in depth to speak the language of my body. Figuring out my real inner powers and strengths. So I have found peace in learning how to harness my full forced fire but in a much more slow pace. It feels like I am discovering new beautiful parts of myself everyday, the subtle changes and accepting what is - by being constant curious of my evolution.

 FALL '21

FARA : Keeping motivated over the last years especially when you run your own business and have been used to a traveler's lifestyle has been such a change of rhythm, what have been the parts you struggle with and how have you moved through those obstacles?

I have been running my own business since a very young age, so I am quite used to manage my time and structure. And I feel that I can do most things from everywhere. I guess it’s also not as hard as many people think, you can live and work from almost where ever in the world. And things figure itself out. I so often get the question of how I dare to live my life like I do, or how did I dared to start going out travel etc. But for me it have never even been a question, I only see solutions. If you have an apartment where you live. Just rent it out for a period. If you have a job, just quit, and you will ge a new job once you come back. If you will meet obstacles on the way - you will solve them. We need to trust more that Universe is supporting us.

 FALL '21

FARA : Empowering yourself so you can empower others is what we see when we think Maxinne, can you share some practises that you find help keep you motivate you on a daily basis?

MAXINNE : I have so many. But building a deep foundation within myself has been the most important thing in life to find harmony. Spending time with myself, getting to know every little detail of me. Taking care of my well being and not running over my own boundaries. To nourish the most important relationship in my life - which is me. Then life is so individual, so what practices that fits each of us varies. But me personally - there are not many things that make me feel more alive and IN my body as with embodied dance. Really allowing myself to be moved and feel pleasure in motion to my favourite music!

FALL '21

FARA : We could talk to you forever, Maxinne. You truly are such a wonderful gift to this world. Thank you so much for taking time to talk with us. We look forward to seeing you and collaborating with you on so many more adventures. We look forward to the opportunity to grow and create with you. SO MUCH LOVE!!!


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