Spring is in full swing! The days are getting longer, there’s a hint of summer on the breeze, and we are so excited for the big news that’s on the horizon! The FARA Spring/Summer ‘21 Collection is dropping soon and absolutely cannot wait to share it with you! It’s been a big undertaking, with captivating new pieces that are sure to turn heads, and some gorgeous photoshoots that showcase our new collection. However exciting the news, this project has not been without its challenges. We had to make many adjustments in order to accommodate these trying Covid times, but with the help of some incredible models, some stellar photographers, and a gorgeous tropical island, we are able to bring you ABSOLUTE MAGIC for the new Spring/Summer Collection!


With the onset of the onset of Covid-19, so many projects came to a grinding halt. The world had to take a long break from its usual busy buzz. We had been planning the release of our new collection, hoping to work with photographers and models in our gorgeous Goa community. But with the onset of new social-distancing requirements, our project was put on hold. 

In order to see our Spring/Summer ‘21 Collection come to fruition, we had to find a new location. But where could we go? The whole world was seemingly shut down, but that’s when it came to us, we would go to the beautiful tropical island of Bali! We felt more secure in this paradise due to it’s more isolated status as an island. And because it was monsoon season, many people had left, leaving a stunning tropical playground for us to make our magic!


Next we had to find the photographer and the models, who could make this dreamy collection come to life? And more importantly would anyone want to work on this amazing project during these trying times? Luckily we found our FARA dream team in the magnificent models Natascha Elisa, Irene Miley, Leticia Soares and the wildly gifted photographer Olga Vetrova. These incredibly gorgeous souls were unbelievably open and giving with their talents! They opened their whole hearts to us and worked so hard to give us all we had hoped for. Their luminous wildness shines through in every stunning photograph, epitomizing everything FARA stands for: radiant elegance for wild women who live their lives freely. We are so honoured and grateful to have found this dream team and we can’t wait to share all the magic with you!


We had our models, we found our photographer, next we needed a location and a collaborator artist. Who else wanted to help us make this enchanting collection come to life? First we found La Folie, a jeweller from Bali who makes extraordinary vermeil pieces that are inspired by a mix of ancient cultures, religious/alchemical/astrological symbology, mid-century icons and timeless feminine wiles. She was just the artistic collaborator we were looking for to adorn our amazing model and amplify their FARA goddess look. 


Next we found our location in the magnificent luxury hotel Rumah Hujan or “House of Rain” in Bali! With its combination of understated modern architecture set against a backdrop of the stunning jungle and river, we found the location that could make all of our collective dreams come true! We were ready to create, ready to give our whole hearts to this otherworldly endeavor. 


With this collaboration between our stunning models, a magnificent photographer, an inspired jeweller and a magical location, we were able to build a community and overcome the obstacles that Covid had presented and manifest the project of our dreams and showcase a collection that signifies elegant versatility while valuing comfort and beauty, and exuding a relaxed goddess vibe. With this collaborative effort in Bali, we made this magic happen and we are so overjoyed to be able to share it with you! We hope you love it as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see all you goddesses making your own magic in our latest goddess collection. Say hello to Spring/Summer ‘21!

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Remember to keep in touch, Goddesses! Good things are coming soon!