About us

Designing clothes for the nomad at heart, sensual and fashionable; FARA choose handcrafted fabrics and a conscious cut - tapping into our spirit of adventure and exploration. Great for the beach, the bar or the festival. The vibrant, joyful, expressive part of us that emerges on holiday, when we give ourselves space to relax and simply be. A place to lose and find ourselves.

Rachel and Fumie met in Goa and over many cups of masala chai discovered how much their stories and inspirations reflected each other. Sharing tales of London fashion institutes, global wanderlust and motorbiking around India; soon they shared new visions – being nomadic mamas bringing up their children in India and creating a new conscious clothing label.

It was their love of adventure that inspired their first collection of scarves, which underpins the label’s ethos. Each scarf tells a story of their lives in India and the people they have met along the way… travels on a camel in Rajasthan; Tibetan bells and monks in the foothills of the Himalayas; the flowing Ganges and the holy men in Varanasi.  

Their fluid designs were born out of their daydreaming of far-flung places, flowing silks and Japanese watercolours. Their inspiration comes from the beautiful natural fabrics in India – raw silk, hemp and traditional dying and weaving processes. Meeting the families of the weavers in Varanasi, their children playing together.

Being mamas, Fumie and Rachel enjoy the creative unfolding of FARA as well as creating space and balance to nurture their little children. Inspired by the future generation, they forged their company with the ethics of sustainability and awareness.

Creating a Wearable Art Collection not throw away pieces for a transient time. FARA create clothes and accessories to treasure and wear – soft natural fabrics that embrace the body. The scarves are canvases that you can throw around your shoulders. All garments are proudly designed on the road or mid-flight and produced ethically in India.