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Gemini Zodiac Cushion

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40 x 40cm

GEMINI May 22 - June 21 

Be lifted with the energies of the symbolic design Gemini zodiac cushion. Here the twins take centre stage with lotus flowers symbolising a divine beauty and purity rising from the mud to spiritual awakening. 

 Gemini the first double sign, indicating togetherness and union. It's the third sign of the zodiac, representing quickness of thought and communication. It's the first air sign, mental in orientation, a lively intellect reaching out to establish contact with other points of view, evolving from adolescence reaching into adulthood.

 Ruled by mercury, Gemini links thought and verbal expression, and is concerned with the details. Liveliness, variety and change are vital to this sign. Mercury was the winged messenger to the Gods, so Gemini's are attracted to energies which lift them, if any sign could fly it would be this one!

 Sat between Taurus and cancer Gemini transmutes fixed, earthy practical energies into protective sensitive one.

 The Gemini zodiac cushion is digitally printed, and lovingly designed and hand drawn, using mixed media and Japanese watercolors, this luxury zodiac cushion measures 40cm by 40cm


The Gemini zodiac cushion perfect for your couch, bed or what about your garden! 



  • Front Cotton Canvas, Back Chambray
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in India


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