FARA stands for ‘Fumie and Rachel’s Adventures’ – a nod to the adventurous spirit in all of us. Each piece is designed with creativity and imagination, celebrating movement with fluid lines and textured fabrics inspired by our journey across different cultures, and the strong women we’ve met along the way.

Our story began in 2014 in the eclectic and tropical paradise of Goa, South India.  We bonded over our mutually held desire to create a conscious and fairtrade fashion label for empowered, free-spirited and sustainably minded women. We  discovered a shared love and endless inspiration from the culture, colour, fabrics, textures, smells, sights and magic of beautiful India.  

‘The mission is feel good. Feel good to you, feel good to us and feel good to mother nature.’ 

Having both experienced London fashion institutes and become disillusioned by fast fashion, we felt we must create our own conscious fashion label to remain inspired and in alignment with our values and beliefs. 

And so,  FARA was born - a consciously minded clothing label that translates our desires, love, and creativity into each piece we create. 

Silks and tie dye are the DNA of our  business and the heart of our vision is centred around women empowering women, from working with local women on the ground in India, to celebrating and collaborating with female led small brands and, of course, creating pieces for women to feel gorgeous in.

It means everything to us to share this adventure with you and we value every single one of you for your support.


Sustainably-minded practices in the fashion industry, unfortunately, are not the norm. 

At FARA, we’re mindful of the impact fashion has on the environment and seek to take advantage of the resources available to us in order to create collections in a sustainably-minded way. We stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape that is “sustainable”  fashion and make choices that are in alignment with our vision of a more sustainable future for the business.

Our collections are made using natural, biodegradable fabrics. Silk and both hemp and satin modal are incredibly luxurious fabrics, both strong and long-lasting whilst also compostable. They return to the soil once their lifecycle ends unlike plastics, used by fast fashion brands, which pollute the waterways, our earth and our bodies.

The raw silk we use is woven by traditional artisans in the Holy City of Varanasi, the birthplace of raw silk. It is unprocessed and beautiful in its pure form with a similar texture to linen.

We use AZO-free dyes, meaning our dyes don’t include harmful and toxic chemicals like bleach and nitrogen or have any carcinogenic compounds.  Our process and our pieces are created to love and protect our bodies and the environment.


As a growing brand, we are intentional when it comes to selecting who we work with for our fabrics and production.  We only partner with factories that share our values and we carefully choose the materials we use.  

Our intentions have been seeded and as we evolve  we are making progress towards a fully sustainable future.  

Our focus is towards reducing our impact on the environment through our whole supply chain, from production through to packaging and shipping.  We have simple and clear goals to minimise our waste, use more sustainable resources and support fair and kind working environments, and we honour our commitment towards them.

We are in the process of choosing the right partner organisations to support in order to give back to the local communities of women here in India.