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Our Artisans

We are focused on creating livelihoods and supporting local artisans and heritage crafts in India. The craft of Tie Dye goes back over 5000 years in Rajasthan, and we love that we are keeping it alive, in its ancestral home. Our Wild Silk weavers take the discarded cocoons from non farmed silk worms in Varanasi, and meticulously craft this into the elegant fabric we use for our Wild Silk Collections.

  • Jaipur, India
    The art of tie dye goes back over 5000 years in the state of Rajasthan, India. We're keeping this beautiful Read more
  • Varanasi, India
    Hand woven silk, crafted by artisans in Varanasi, India. Known as Wild silk, because it uses an empty cocoon of Read more
  • Uttar Pradesh
    Digital Print
    Our digital print process starts in our own home studio, where co-owner Fumie spends time illustrating and water-painting our unique Read more