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December 09, 2020 4 min read

The Holiday Season is in full swing and we can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! We’ve been hard at work to get your orders out to you and your beloveds, and we are SO EXCITED about our new collection,
THE COLLECTORS, that just dropped! But in the midst of all this holiday business, we thought we’d take a moment to take a deep breath and hold some space for Planet Earth, expanding upon our hopes for a Conscious Christmas. 
Firstly we’ve been so grateful for the love that our holiday gift guide has received, full of magic and mystical charm. Our gift guide is curated to bring luxurious and imaginative treasures to you and your loved ones, elegant treats that explore your inner journey while beautifully adorning your body. 
Secondly, we want you to maximize fun while minimizing waste, a process which doesn’t need to be complicated. Follow a few simple steps that will help make your Holiday season sustainable and diminish your environmental impact on the Earth, creating low-waste festivities that will help the global community to thrive!
1. Try to give eco-friendly gifts that are consciously-made and environmentally friendly, and support small businesses. Gorgeous gifts like the KATE MAXI DRESS from our INTO THE WILD collection that’s crafted from sustainable hemp, and our stunning SILK SCARVES which are gorgeous travelogues inspired by Indian lore are digitally printed and use a lot less water consumption that other methods of dying. Each of these beautiful items is created by women for women with future generations and earth-loving adventures in mind. Here are our suggestions from the FARA collection.
Kate dress Orissa dress Willow Dress
2. Don’t buy a gift for the sake of buying something. It can be very tempting to purchase a random item when we don’t know what to give someone. Instead of a last-minute purchase of something that might not suit the individual, consider a donation in that person’s name to a charitable cause. Perhaps a wildlife conservation organisation or a children’s outreach program. For example here in Goa, we donate to Goa Outreach, a local Indian’s Children charity that does amazing work, to honer our loved ones. That person will cherish the thought and care that went into that donation-gift, plus you’ll be diminishing waste and helping those who need help the most this Holiday Season.
3.Use sustainable wrapping paper. Instead of wrapping each gift in meters of non-reusable wrapping paper, why not shift to a reusable bag or even wrap some elegant excess fabric around your gift? This will be a refreshing surprise for the recipient and it looks lovely!
4. Rather than a plastic or conventional tree, choose a natural fir tree that’s sustainably harvested from an ethically managed tree farm. Or better yet, maintain a beautiful potted fir tree all year round and decorate during the holiday season! Or make one out of old cardboard boxes, get creative!
5. Rather than buying your loved ones lots of gifts from unknown sources that may not be exactly what they are looking for, perhaps purchase fewer gifts that are sourced from fair-trade, ethical businesses. Thus there might be fewer gifts under the ethical fir tree this year, but they’ll be gorgeous gifts that hit the proverbial nail on the head and are exactly the item that your loved one desires.
6. Make your own Christmas cards! Instead of buying mass-produced paper cards that contribute to deforestation of virgin trees (and aren’t personal at all), why not create your own beautifully handmade card, especially from hemp paper? Hemp is a sustainable, eco-friendly product (ahem, check out our ORISSA DRESS made from sustainable hemp;) and returns up to 70% of the nutrients back to the soil, making hemp paper (and dresses) a no-brainer! Another option is to purchase cards from small artists! There are some really wonderful designs that can be found on Etsy and they directly support talented artisans.
7. Be sure to buy from eco-friendly and ethically managed businesses. It’s often easier and cheaper to buy from fast-fashion giants, but in the long run this is simply not a sustainable practice. We, here at FARA, encourage spending with small, ethically-minded businesses in order to support us in our endeavor to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Our collections are handcrafted and inspired by the beautiful world around us, each piece is created with an ethos of sustainability and fair trade in order to create a brighter future for generations to come. You can check out our GIFT GUIDE which has a selection of FARA as well as other small, ethical designers we support and who support us right back. 
Gift Guide
There are so many ways to diminish your impact on the Earth this holiday season while increasing your impact on your loved ones’ hearts and minds. We hope these tips have been helpful, and however you choose to celebrate, we hope you have the happiest holiday season. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for all of your support throughout 2020, and we wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!
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