Our vision at FARA has always been to create a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that both cares for and celebrates our planet and people. We are a women-led business focused towards reducing our impact on the environment through our whole production and supply chain, from the first seed of creative vision, to production through to packaging and shipping. We have simple and clear goals to minimise our waste, use more sustainable resources and support fair and kind working environments, and we honour our commitment towards them.




Our collections are created using natural and biodegradable materials sourced and made in India.

Our fabrics are strong and long lasting whilst also compostable, returning harmoniously to the earth once their life cycle ends. Hemp modal and satin cupro are 100%  plant based, hemp modal being one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market today and satin cupro, both luxurious and vegan, is woven from the ends of cotton. Our wild silk is cruelty-free, threads gathered from the cocoons without harming the silkworm and hand loomed by artisans in the ancient city of Varanasi.

All of our dyes are eco-friendly and AZO-free, protecting our workers, the environment and each of you.

Our hand tie dye is created in small batches by women artisans empowering and supporting them in their lives. Digital printing eliminates the water process entirely as each piece is printed individually preventing wastage, whilst our dye factory uses an Effluent Treatment Plant or ETP. The ETP system is commonly used across various industries to clean water and remove any toxic or non-toxic materials or chemicals so that the water can be re-used or released, with less harm, into the environment.



We are a women led business and our vision is centred around women empowering women and supporting local artisans for both our hand tie dye processes in Jaipur and hand looming of our raw silk in Varanasi in India. We value every pair of hands that contributes towards the creation of our clothes and ensure fairtrade with liveable wages throughout our supply chain.



We care about every detail of our production chain. We are always checking in with the production systems to ensure that we are working in alignment with our values and we are absolutely committed to meet fairtrade standards with regards to working conditions and our impact on the environment.

Within our production chain we are lucky to be able to both pre-order and to produce in small quantities. This helps us to gauge our customers wants and needs whilst also supporting the overall reduction of waste.

As we grow, we are continuously researching natural and sustainable fibres that we can work with and looking for new ways to work with small artisans. We are focused on deepening our personal relationships with workers and artisans and honouring their skills with liveable wages and ensuring safe and happy working environments.



All of our packaging is (plastic free and) eco-friendly. We ship our clothes in plant-based biodegradable poly bags, use biodegradable swing tags and our tissue and cardboard packaging are all recyclable.

We offer carbon neutral shipping to offset emissions and support the long term implementation of more sustainable shipping practices.