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Our Journey with Sustainability

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds the moment our business began, it has remained our top priority throughout our decade-long journey. Although we strive to be as sustainable as possible, we are aware the fashion industry can never be fully green, as long as resources are being used. We appreciate that as far as we have come, we can always better ourselves and strive for a climate positive future. These are some of the steps we have already taken, and what we aim to achieve in the upcoming years.


1. 90% of our fibres are natural, like our silks, or plant based fibres such as Lyocell Twill, Hemp Modal and Satin. 10% of our fibres (Chiffon) are not made from natural fibres, and by the end of the year, we aim to find a plant based alternative, allowing us to have 100% natural fibre products.

2. 93% of our products have under 525 mile radius from fabric to finished garment, the further 7% just travel an extra 150 miles from Varanasi from our Wild Silk weavers.

3. 90% of our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, we aim to make this 100% in the near future.

4. 48% of our products come from farmed Silk places. We strive to reduce this number, to either find more peaceful silk or plant based alternatives.

5. As of March 2024, the FARA Boutique community has offset 9,911lb of carbon, using our carbon offset scheme at checkout.


2025 targets

1. Become B-Corp Certified. We are currently working on this, but it will take over a year to go through this process.

2. Sign the UN’s ‘Sustainability Pledge’ for measurable and verifiable sustainability in the garment and footwear sector.

3. Become 100% carbon neutral - this means that as a company, we will remove the same volume of carbon emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere that producing our garments creates.

4. Partner with more charities, empowering women and helping the environment world wide.

5. Create larger sizing, becoming more inclusive, and benefiting women of every body type.

2030 Targets

1. Become 100% Climate Positive - this means that as a company, we will remove more carbon emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere, than producing our garments creates.

2. Set up an upcycle / return scheme for customer garments that have reached the end of their life, furthering our circularity from production only into our customers' world too.

3. Disclosing Carbon Footprint - we aim to gather enough data to allow you to understand the carbon footprint of any garment you wish to purchase.

4. Become fully traceable - from farm, to fibre, to factory in every single garment.