As best friends and soul sisters we, Fumie and Rachel, founded FARA Boutique in 2012 in the tropical paradise of Goa, South India. 

We discovered a shared love and curiosity for the culture and magic of beautiful India, both deeply inspired by the adventure, fabrics, textures, smells and sights that coloured the country.  Goa itself is an eclectic fusion of Indian traditions, merged with the 60’s hippie and tie dye influence. 

We bonded as new mothers, supporting each other and other women within the community, and also through our background at Central St Martins Art School in London. After feeling disillusioned by the fast fashion system, we had a mutual desire to create our own conscious and fairtrade fashion label in alignment with our own values and beliefs. 



Our vision was to create a sustainable and ethical fashion brand focused on natural fabrics and hand tie dyes which empowers free-spirited women whilst celebrating the creative traditions of India and supporting local artisans and communities. So FARA Boutique was born, a consciously minded women’s led clothing brand that translates this vision and our values into each piece.  



We are committed to care for our planet and people. We are focused towards reducing our impact on the environment through our whole production and supply chain, from the first seed of creative vision, to production through to packaging and shipping.  We value every pair of hands that contributes towards the creation of our clothes and ensure fairtrade with liveable wages throughout our supply chain.


Thank you for sharing in this journey with us!

With Love, Rachel + Fumie x