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September 16, 2020 2 min read

Navratri celebrates the shape-shifting Goddess – the Divine Feminine within us all. Navratri explores Goddess energy through nine nights.
Navratri starts with the New Moon on October 17th honouring the light and radiance that builds towards Full Moon.
We want to invite you to tap into the Divine Feminine – when we sit to design a dress and curate our collections – we draw on the idea of the Goddess –the felt-sense of feminity - both in the theme, flow and wearability of our dresses and also how we want you to feel wearing it.
In India, the Goddesses honoured during Navratri represent beauty, abundance and wisdom but also the Warrior Goddess – fearless and empowered. Embodying the Warrior Goddess – Maa Durga – we make space for gratitude and compassion in our lives which opens us up to a deeper wisdom and sense of prosperity.
durgaIn the world of FARA, we celebrate Navratri with one of our newest designs – The Venus Dress.
A swirl of shadow gray silk with a deep V at the front and back and generous sleeves that become like wings… floating as you walk. We are drawn to working with silk as it is luxurious and fluid – light as a caress – floating as you move.
grey silk goddess dress with train boho chic
The Mala Dress is also fit for a Goddess as it plunges to the earth in our gorgeous tourmaline tie-dye silk – cut on the bias with gorgeous detailing on the back – contrasting silk and skin. The beauty of silk is how it rests on the body and glides with every movement.
tie dye chic silk Mala dress fara boutique
Our eternal classic is the Zen Maxi Dress  - fluid-flowing silk which you can choose in Black or one of our signature tie-dye patterns in either the desert tones of Fawn or Masala, the ocean tones of Tourmaline and Blue Moon or the silver of the Shadow Tie Dye.
zen maxi dress silk
You could pair with the Memory or Mystery earrings from the Dreamer Collection honouring the Goddess Maya – goddess of Dream and Illusion.
This Saturday, gather some flowers, light a candle and take a moment of gratitude on the first night of Navratri with the blossoming of the New Moon. And why not take a few moments each day of Navratri (ends October 25th) to make this a conscious daily ritual of gratitude and remembrance.