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Soft silks, luxurious hemp, and satin that surrounds your body like a cloud. These are some of the stunning FARA Boutique fabrics that we craft our gorgeous pieces from, and we want to make sure they last! So we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide on how to care for your FARA faves, from our raw silks to soft chiffons, here’s how to extend the life of your luxe pieces for years (and many adventures) to come!



Sultry and sophisticated, our pieces are made for adventurous days and legendary nights, but when you return home from the adventure, how you care for these pieces can make a great difference in their longevity.  For the best results and to best maintain the original lustre of many of your FARA pieces (particularly silk, satin and chiffon), we highly recommend dry-cleaning them at an eco-friendly dry-cleaning location. 

These eco-friendly locations can be difficult to find, and traditional dry-cleaning locations typically apply harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the garments, the environment, and the body. We recommend that you seek a location that stays away from chemicals like ​​perchloroethylene (perc for short) and hydrocarbons, which can be harmful, especially to the body and the environment. We highly recommend that you make sure your dry cleaner uses truly green dry-cleaning methods, with silicone-based solvents that clean your delicate pieces with inert ingredients (that are often found in other household products like shaving cream). You’ll want to speak with your local dry-cleaning professional to make sure the methods they use are truly body-safe and environmentally-friendly.

Be sure to iron ALL of your favourite FARA items on low heat. 

 We also understand that not everyone can easily access environmentally-friendly dry-cleaning locations, so for those looking for an alternative to dry-cleaning that will yield the best results for their FARA faves, we recommend following the care guidelines below:  



Our Silk Scarves, Beloved Serpent Kaftan and Naya Dresses all began as paint on canvas - an expression of watercolour art that we have made into wearable art. These pieces have been digitally printed, and need that extra little TLC. To maintain the shiny lustre of the silk, we recommend Dry Clean only, although you can use a special silk detergent and a cold hand wash (please see silk notes), this might result in a slight loss of colour and shine from the garment.



Glamorous, drapey and sumptuously soft, our raw silk and 100% silk pieces are hand-dyed, delicate yet strong, and if cared for properly they will last for many years to come.

For optimum results, we always recommend to Dry Clean our Silk Products, although you can hand wash, you must be aware that the colours could slightly run.


If you do chose to handwash, to preserve these elegant pieces, like the Zen Maxi Dress, Tao Kimono, and Nomad Fringe Dress and give them the care they deserve, we recommend doing so with a silk-friendly detergent:

1. Fill a basin with cool or cold water and gently soak your FARA piece.

2. Add a few drops of a gentle silk detergent, like Slip Detergent

3. Silk releases dirt quickly, so you can stir a few times, then drain the soap mix and rinse with cool or cold water. 

4. Do not wring out your silk pieces. Place the wet item on a cotton towel and gently press out excess water. 

5. Hang dry using a velvet or satin hanger, hang up your piece in the shower or tub and let it drip dry. Your FARA piece should be ready to wear again in about an hour!



Plant-based and silky-smooth, our Satin Cupro strongly resembles our 100% silk pieces, but with a little more density to-the-touch. We still recommend dry-cleaning these gorgeous pisces, but this elegant fabric is slightly more machine-wash friendly, so if you must machine-wash one of our satin pieces like the Zoe Mini Dress, or the Willow Jumpsuit in Rose Quartz Tie Dye, we recommend:

1. Washing them solo, or with very similar colours.

2. Placing the item in a mesh wash bag.

3. Make sure it’s set to “delicate wash”, the cycle is on gentle and the temperature is set to cold, as satin cupro will shrink in hot water.

4. Use a gentle laundry detergent like Steamery.

5. Lay the piece flat on a drying rack to dry, or hang on a satin or velvet hanger.

If you prefer to hand-wash your satin, you can spot-clean or soak your piece using an eco-friendly, delicate detergent like Murchison-Hume:

1. Soak your garment in a basin of cool or cold water and add a squirt of your gentle detergent. 

2. Gently agitate the water and allow the garment to soak for up to 20 minutes, then drain the water and rinse until water is no longer soapy.

3. Press your FARA piece (do not wring out the piece), and then press in a dry towel until excess water is gone. 

4. Line-dry, hang on a drying rack, or hang up in the shower on a velvet or satin hanger to allow it to air-dry, then toss on for a night on the town!



Hemp modal is one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics. Crafted from beech trees, and oh-so soft, this fabric requires a lot less water to create, and with proper care pieces like our Zoe Dress and Jagger Dress should last a lifetime! You can machine-wash hemp on a delicate setting if you prefer, using cold water and a mesh bag to protect it, and remember to ALWAYS separate light colours from dark colours. But an easy alternative to machine-washing is hand-washing your hemp FARA pieces. We recommend: 

1. Fill a basin with cool or cold water (4° Celsius or 40° Fahrenheit) and gently soak your hemp modal FARA piece. 

2. Add a few drops of a biodegradable mild detergent, like Blissy Wash

3. Allow to soak for 20 minutes, then drain the soap mix and rinse with cool or cold water. 

4. Do not wring out your hemp piece. Place the wet item on a cotton towel and gently press out excess water. 

5. Allow your hemp FARA to dry on a hanger in your shower and get ready to dress up with some cute boots and an Ourobouros Bangle for another night on the town!



Easy-breezy and oh-so feminine, our classic cotton pieces are soft to the touch and beautiful to behold. While breathable and versatile, we highly recommend treating this durable fabric with great care, and it will take great care of you in return. 

If you choose to machine wash your cotton FARA pieces like the Carla Dress or the Grace Blouse, we recommend putting them on a delicate cycle in a cold wash with like-colours, or washing solo. Be sure to use a mild laundry detergent like Dirty Labs or Steamery for best results. 

If you hand-wash your cotton FARA pieces, which we highly recommend:

1. Allowing your cotton piece to soak in a basin full of cold water. 

2. Add a few drops of your Laundry detergent to the basin, and gently massage into the fabric

3. Allow the mixture to soak for 10-15 minutes, then drain. 

4. Rinse the cotton piece with cool water and press out excess suds. Do not wring out your cotton FARA piece

5. When all suds are removed, press out excess water from fabric and hang-dry in your shower or line-dry for best result. We do not recommend putting cotton FARA items in the dryer as they will likely shrink.

6. We also do not recommend dry-cleaning your cotton FARA items. For best results. We recommend delicate hand-washing. 



Lightweight, breezy and a true gift on a hot summer day, our chiffon pieces, like the Free Flow Skirt and Allegra Dress are made from durable dreamy fabric that with the proper care, can keep you cool and chic all season long! For best results, we do recommend eco-friendly dry-cleaning, but for the DIY crowd we recommend following similar directions as with our silk pieces: 

1. Fill a basin with cool or cold water and gently soak your FARA piece. 

2. Add a few drops of a gentle detergent, like Slip Detergent or a gentle shampoo. 

3. Stir gently for a few minutes, allowing any dirt to be released, then drain water and gently press your chiffon piece of any excess water. 

4. Do not wring out your chiffon pieces. Place the wet item on a cotton towel and gently press out excess water. 

5. Hang dry using a velvet or satin hanger, line dry, or hang up your piece in the shower or tub and let it drip dry. Your FARA piece should be ready to wear again in a few hours!

We have suggested specific cleaning products as a guideline, you can interchange these and also use your preferred alternatives! We want your FARA pieces to accompany you on all of your adventures, and we hope these tools and techniques will make your FARA faves shine for years to come!

With this handy guide to FARA fabric care, we hope you get to ride into the sunset, then with a quick wash & rinse, head back out toward the horizon!