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August 13, 2020 3 min read

Wow! I sat down to write our monthly update and only as I titled it, did I truly realise that we are now in August, This summer is quite literally just flown by!
My summer days are usually spent in Europe, by the beach, and with family. But because of pandemic related travel changes, summer has instead been spent relaxing at home with my babies and really getting down to business!
I’m quite lucky that I’ve been able to take this time and use it wisely, and even luckier that we have so many wonderful customers who have chosen to support small businesses like ours in this tough time!
So - instead of spending our days on the ethereal cobblestone streets of Ibiza, we’ve lived vicariously through all of our friends there!
Our friend and talented photographer ROSA is there right now, so we arranged a few photo shoots to happen under her direction! So wonderful to have friends like this! Rosa shot the beautiful SARAH who we’ve wanted to work with for years! Her look is insanely gorgeous and our clothing comes alive on her!
We also collaborated with HARLEY who has been such a supportive friend of ours and truly understands our brand and our mission! We met Harley here in Goa many moons ago, when we had our little grass roots stall at the Saturday Night Market, she was such an amazing cheerleader for us and we have always kept in contact, following her incredible travels around the world. 
Both of these shoots have been a long time coming, and the second best thing to actually being there ourselves! You can check out the beauty that was created by these talented women on our Instagram! New Ibiza blog coming soon also!
Also happening in Ibiza, HANAMER HAS OPENED! One of our dearest and oldest friends, Shiran, has reopened her beloved shop Hanamer bigger and better than ever in Ibiza Port! Shiran has put so much love and energy into this venture and we are so excited it has finally reopened! She carries our entire collection and even a few exclusives that can only be found there! So if you happen to be lucky enough to be in Ibiza in the next few months, go check Hanamer out! HERE IS THE LOCATION
And then of course, we are still in Goa! It has been so serene and peaceful. Lush green has taken over the landscape and transformed the dry rust earth into a tropical paradise! Monsoon is intensifying and the storms are becoming stronger and longer. This circle of life is on full display to us for the first time! Normally we are in Goa most of the year, but in Europe for July and August and wow - its a very different Goa than we are used to.
We’re hard at work finalizing our next SS21 collection as well. Fumie in London and me in Goa - working via facetime! Well…at least when there’s power! This collection will be slightly more refined with some beautiful new styles and some dropped styles! So if there’s anything you’ve had your eye on from our current collection - I suggest ordering soon as many items and colourways won’t be back!
Lastly, keep an eye out for the updated end of summer SALE, coming soon