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April 19, 2020 5 min read

In case you didn't already know, our friend Maxinne Bjork is an absolute goddess. She is full of positivity and creativity, with these being constant driving forces in her life and something that we have always admired and appreciated from her - a truly insightful and inspiring human and we are thankful to call a dear friend. That is why we decided to reach out to Maxinne to see what she is doing during her time in Quarantine. If anyone has got social distancing down, its her! Read our interview below to find out what exactly Maxinne is up to these days!

Where are you in this time? Why have you chosen to spend this time there and not in your birth country?

I am in Koh Phangan, Thailand - a beautiful paradise island so I can’t complain about having my quarantine time here. The reason why I am here is cause me and my partner want to stay together. He is from Italy and I am from Sweden, but neither of us have our base in our birth countries. We were both planning to go back to Sweden for work, but everything is just on hold for now and we would rather stay here together in the jungle where the nature is lush and the vibration is very calm.

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We have felt so many different feelings over this time, how are you feeling? Are you using any specific practices to keep yourself grounded and positive? How do you feel emotionally this time is beneficial?

I would be lying if I said I feel only calm and positive, even though I am mostly filled with "future positive" emotions. I am very sensitive to what others feel in general and when there is a crisis like this, it is impossible to not feel it. I believe that it’s important to not loose ourselves in fear, indulge in the negative aspects of what is going on in the world and obsessively watch the news. It will not help anyone and definitely not our energetic body. I believe if we are going around worrying like crazy about something, that we will unconsciously attract and manifest just what we fear the most. So important to take care of our mental health and mindset in this crisis - stay healthy, optimistic and loving. But my days are very up and down, a few days ago I had my first real emotional breakdown, due to an overload of stress and uncertainty if we can stay here or not. Once the visa struggles were solved I could look back at it and giggle for stressing out, it just causes more damage and anxiety. 

In the beginning I was very focused on being productive and using this time for something beneficial, creating something, learning something, reading all my books I haven’t read yet, study something… While I’m now kind of transformed into the opposite. Allowing myself to just be and to rest along with the world. I am enjoying experimenting with some controversial health treatments, giving myself time to have a long practice that changes every day depending on how I feel and allowing myself getting lost in creativity without a purpose. Higher powers have forced most of us to slow down, so let’s listen and slow down rather than trying to optimise every little minute and trying to enter some form of productivity contest. 

 As someone who’s work is about being with people, being intimate and creating with others, how has this effected your business? Are you finding positive solutions and changes you can make to keep the flow with your work?

At first I could feel a glimpse of stress, since I had to cancel all my future workshops that I had planned for a few months ahead, the summer is on hold, like for many of us. I am observing everyone in my surrounding starting to move all their offerings to online platforms instead, eager to offer something in this time of crisis. So at first I felt ”oh, maybe I will have to change some of my workshops I just created and make them suitable for online purposes and start filming NOW”. But then after feeling into it, I felt it rather came from a place of fear and stress rather than deep love and a pure passion that I want to share my creation with my fellow women out there. And that was a sign for me to stop, to also allow myself to slow down and just be for a period, until we know what is going on and what will unfold out of this.

Cause even though I am future positive and I truly believe that something amazing will come out of this, I think that the world will be changed forever. That everything will just turned back to what it once was feels very unrealistic, and all of this is happening for a reason, a sign that we needed a re-set and think things through. 

So, I will wait, lean back, enjoy the calm vibrations, learning the beauty of doing nothing, spending time with my partner, being creative, paint, do my laundry and listen to the crickets sing, singing load in my backyard and watch the palm dancing in the wind.

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Can you tell us any important realisations that have struck you in this time and a mantra you are using to keep positive?

First, I believe this time will teach many of us what is important in our life. With all of a sudden so much time to think and reflect. When there is no outer stimulus such as going to the gym, going to restaurants, hanging out with friends, going to work or other activities that keeps us occupied - and instead we are locked in with ourselves or partner/family. It will be very clear which feelings is present in you while you spend time in isolation, how much you like what you have created and call your home, how much you enjoy spending time with your partner. Most of us is just on a constant doing journey and they spend most time outside their home. 

For me regards to this topic, I have realised that its a true gift to be stuck with my partner, cause we can really find joy in all of these small things in life. He helps me to always be present and grounded. But at the same time it is a big challenge, cause even though we love each other very much it is intense to be with any person 24/7 in a very small little space. I have realised how much I also need my own space to be able to stay alive, creative and blossoming. I think for sure that we aren’t the only couple that are facing some challenges in this moment, sending you all some extra love and support haha. It’s beautiful how we from a space of love and vulnerability can connect and work things out so it is supporting both of our needs.  

I don’t have a specific mantra, more than that I am future positive. This all that is going on in this moment is big teaching for most of us. Important to still connect with ”how can I turn this happening into something good”, rather than complaining. Because it IS happening, right now, so better to surrender, let go and try to be as positive as possible. 

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What would you like to see change in the world after this time?

More community feelings, people helping and supporting each other - you can already see it happening! But more of this <3

I hope that humanity can step back one or two levels in speed. I hope that all miracle signs that is happening in nature in this moment will teach us to take better care and support our mama earth rather than destroying her. Love wins!