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April 22, 2020 3 min read

We are so lucky to be in the middle of a Goan village out of all the chaos with palms and banana trees in the garden, a balcony to enjoy the view and a small and simple space to call home...
kelly mason chef palm trees
My day starts with me waking up to put the hot water to boil to make fresh ground coffee & while waiting I clean the apartment. Daily stuff; sweeping the floors; opening the windows; we do laundry by hand; and basically preparing a tidy space to spend the day.
After this we sit on the balcony for some time, sippin’ coffee, reading, enjoying the air, the quiet and the palms trees all around us thanking God for another day of health.
For breakfast we usually have some barley porridge, granola, cacao and almond milk sweetened with a little coconut nectar but sometimes to mix it up I’ll make pancakes or French toast!!
Spending most the afternoons trying to stay cool working under the fans while updating and publishing new plant based recipes and writing on my blog, offering alignment guidelines And write ups online for yoga and Spend time reading basically everything and anything I can that is in my passions of plant based cuisine, yoga and art!
working blogger food
Having so much time at home i’m getting around to; sprouting seeds like amaranth, millet, chia & flax; I’m dehydrating pineapples, mango, apples and pears and experimenting using only what we have in stock to still be creating nice dishes...
This takes up most of the day.
During this time, but try to keep it limited I read the news and see where everything is up to - I actually never read or watch the news for various personal reasons however during this time I feel it’s a duty to stay well informed as to what is happening in the world right now...
An I’m actually finding this to be a very beautiful time, as I live far away from my family and friends it’s been so nice for all to have more time to stay connected, to converse, to catch up - I even face time so much more since being inside than I have any other time during my travels and living in India - this is actually one of the main daily practices that has got me through this time almost completely calmly!
Usually salad for lunch or some fruits. Keeping it simple.
healthy clean living
Evenings spent practicing yoga, doing online HIIT classes with friends from the UK and watching a documentary or Movie into the night! I’m actually addicted to “Chefs table” at the moment - it’s really inspiring me as to what level I want to take my profession in the future...
And that’s it. That’s a day in the life of my isolation... along with this I try to communicate and enjoy moments with my fiancée but also allowing one another space (which has sometimes proved to be tricky but we have really beautiful communication, understanding and respect for one another’s personal time so I think we are doing really well given circumstances )
I try to keep moving my body as and when I can and lastly I try to accept this situation that we are all facing and overall doing as and what I can with what we have been given.
yoga movement self care
It’s a difficult choice as I love so many of the FARA designs but if I had to pick My favourite FARA outfit is the Hemp Lana jumpsuit !!!
I love wearing it with a belt and wedges! The hemp is so soft and the outfit I can wear for so many occasions.
I love all the natural silks in the collections and a close runner up would be the silk Lana dress!
Half of my wardrobe is FARA!
fara boutique silk hemp fashion
Kelly is such an inspiration to us, totally motivated to do good and meet her true potential in Life, she is Gem. 
Check out her website an amazing platform for plant based cuisine, recipes, art, visual gallery, about me and my offerings as a retreat & private chef, recipe development and food styling.
Kelly has also recently joined the @sunpotion team to collaborate on lots of exciting projects - check them here SUNPOTION