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June 30, 2020 4 min read

Wow - July is already here! Summer is in full swing and we’ve got some exciting updates about what’s back in stock, what’s been flying off the shelves and where we're at!
Last month we launched one of our favourite jewellery brands, ZEME, on our website. We have used their jewels to style our shoots for years, and after many inquiries about where it could be purchased, we added them directly on to our site! The reaction has been absolutely amazing, and we are so happy to offer this gorgeous earthy brand to compliment our new collection.
Some of your favourites are the Medicia Choker, with its structured brass and beautiful quartz, and the Lunita Grande Earrings.
We also have expanded the Rachel Entwistle Collection we have online, supporting our friends has always been a part of our echos, we have picked pieces from Rachels collection that not only sit so so well with FARA but that we own ourselves, pieces we truly love. 
SLOW FASHION and what it means in pandemic times
At its core, Fara is as a slow fashion brand. We feel that the only way to ensure quality along with fair trade and sustainable values is to produce at what is considered a “slow fashion” speed. This allows our clothing to be produced efficiently without waste, and allows our tailors to be treated fairly and work reasonable hours. At normal times, this means our collections take about two months to complete, and this timeframe is predictable.
After Covid-19 became a pandemic, and India saw one of the worlds biggest and strongest lockdowns, our collections and restocks saw delays, for obvious reasons. This means that while its mostly evened out now, our production time is slightly increased and slightly less predictable. Taking the name “slow-fashion” to the extreme! Haha.
So - instead of placing sold out items on all items directly on to preorder as we normally have, we have decided to instead create a way for customers to be notified once items come back in to stock, if we don’t have a specific ship date for that item! Now, if an item is sold out you can enter your e-mail address to get absolute first dibs on the item of your choice!
We’ve made preorders a bit more clear on our website. Now items that are preorder are very clearly marked, along with a page explaining them in depth that you can find here. If you place an order for a preorder item, you will receive a follow up e-mail with more specific detailed information as well.
With that said, we have received a massive new restock, and this means that some of our bestsellers are finally back in stock and ready to ship! They are flying off our virtual shelves, so if there is something you’ve had your eye on - the time is now!
Our Raw Silk Midi Kimonos are a longtime Fara favourite and they are currently in stock.
The newest rendition of our best-selling Zen Maxi Dress is back in stock with an altered, chic new hemline. We’ve rounded out the hem, to create a more sophisticated maxi dress and released it in every single colourway we currently have! There are also expanded sizing options available, so there’s one for everyone!
Our newest Mysore Jumpsuit is also finally in stock! Made from pure silk and available in classic Black and Tigers Eye Tie Dye, our team has been living in this jumpsuit this summer! Thermo-regulating silk and a utilitarian yet sexy silhouette create a versatile summer outfit.
Many of our retailers are located in Ibiza and Spain, and so when the island reopened we all let out a huge sigh of relief! Some of the most fun and beautifully inspiring shops and boutiques are located in this area, so if you’re in Spain and looking for some Fara pieces, just e-mail us and we’ll send you in the right direction!
Part of our team is still in Goa, and we’ve taken the quiet monsoon time to create some beautiful magic! We got together with Alena and Sumaia and headed to a local secret swimming spot for a photoshoot. A quarry, that we’ve shot in before, transforms into the most gorgeous natural pool in the Monsoon season.
Our team for this shoot was full of creatives and artists, and we all worked together to create an inspire something truly beautiful. We cannot wait to share the results with you all!
We have been reminiscing on the last season, and have been thinking a lot about our trip to Sri Lanka in the Spring. It was our last trip before lockdown and was absolutely stunning! We went for a visa run and turned into a luxe girls getaway and work trip! We stayed at Palm Hotel which is a haven with an East London twist. Watch out for the Blog coming soon.
We are wishing you all health and happiness, stay safe and enjoy your summers
Much Love
Rachel, Fumie + all at team FARA